Our Team

Years of experience all under one roof!

Leslie Dwyer

Sales Manager – Europe
+353 87 828 8542
+44 739 351 2227

With 25 years’ experience in agriculture/animal nutrition and running a successful business in biological animal, plant and soil inputs, Leslie’s link with the Tow and Fert product has great synergies for supporting farmers in growing more healthy grass and reducing synthetic fertiliser inputs.

Tim Henman

International Sales Manager

Tim has been part of all aspects of the business over his career.
With a background in International Sales and Distribution, Tim understands the value requirement from the client and the importance of the journey to a commercial reality.

Geoff Easton

Design Manager

As the son of the company founder, Geoff’s commercial experience and track record in R&D stretches back to the early days of the business. Geoff has the knack and flair to envisage product solutions and designs even nearly before the product problem existed.  Geoff has led the design for the entire Tow and Fert range over the past 10 years.

The Tow and Fert Times.

The Tow and Fert Times is a publication full of information for dairy farmers. Designed to help you with your nutrient management and fertiliser decisions, it is packed full of helpful information, case studies and helpful tips and tricks for the farm.

Volume 9 Available now!


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